May 5, 2010

YouTube Rodeo: A Weather's "Untitled"

We've been posting a lot of videos this week, haven't we? We're streaky like that. Here we have a new, unrecorded A Weather tune as performed during the waning days of the Portland, 0re.-based slowcore outfit's recent tour supporting its sophomore set Everyday Balloons. The song was one of many highlights of the band's intimate set at P.A.'s Lounge in Somerville, MA last month. The performance above is from A Weather's April 28 show at Off Broadway in St. Louis, and the song gets a little lost among the crowd noise of the larger venue. But we can assure you the performance at P.A.'s was riveting [review here], although we were completely unfamiliar with the track when we heard it. We got in touch with singer and guitarist Aaron Gerber a few days after the P.A.'s show, and he told us the band has been working on the track for a few months, and also that he wrote the song around the time of the recording sessions for Everyday Balloons, but it wasn't ready in time for those sessions. So for the time being, this video is the only way you can hear this beautiful, affecting new song. Team Love released Everyday Balloons March 2; we reviewed it here. Readers will recall we published an interview with Mr. Gerber here last month just prior to the show in Somerville.

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