May 18, 2010

Today's Hotness: Ringo Deathstarr, Johnny Foreigner, Big Science

>> On a whim we checked in with Austin-based shoegaze titans Ringo Deathstarr to see if we could learn anything about the quartet's planned full-length debut. And we can tell you that the record has been recorded, and it is being mixed and mastered. The set will be called Colour Trip, and it is slated for release in the fall in the UK on Club AC30 and in Japan on Vinyl Junkie. Band fronter Elliot Frazier tells us there is currently no U.S. label attached to the record, which is insane, but it's a crazy, mix-up world out there, people. The Deathstarr is working on music videos now and plans to tour in support of the record around the time of its release. Awesomes!

>> Fans who are turning blue and near expiration from holding their breath waiting for the arrival of the now near-mythical Every Cloakroom Ever 10" EP from Johnny Foreigner will soon be rewarded. According to Facebook chatter, test pressings of the record arrived within the organization yesterday, and records could ship to fans as soon as next week, although we've heard that the ship date could be two weeks out. Either way, exciting stuff. Every Cloakroom Ever features art by Lewes Herriot that contains the name of every single person who pre-ordered what was originally to be a single self-released by the band; after orders were taken Johnny Foreigner decided to upgrade the release to a four-song 10", the digital files of which were distributed to pre-order purchasers earlier this spring. The band is otherwise "plotting, recording and working on other, non UK show stuff." We're hopeful this comment is referencing Johnny Foreigner's efforts to throw together a crowd-sourced DIY tour of the States, an idea the band first floated here last month. While the Birmingham, England-based noise-pop trio casts its gaze across the Atlantic, it does have a summer of festival and other dates upon which to focus as well. Here are the band's live commitments as best as we could gather from various crevices of the Interzizzles:

06.05 -- The Harley -- Yorkshire
06.13 -- Sellindge Festival -- Hope Farm, Gibbons Brook, Sellindge
06.26 -- The Playground @ 93feeteast -- London
07.01 -- Wellington College -- Berkshire
07.15 -- Wichita Party @ The Garage -- London
07.17 -- Cockermouth Rock Festival -- Cumbria
08.13 -- Leefest -- Bromley
08.20 -- Castle Calling Festival -- Richmond

>> It's been more than a year since Chicago-based futurepop savants Big Science released to the Interwebs the free EP The Coast Of Nowhere. The EP is awesome, and you can still download it here. Twitter stalkers have been fed regular updates about the recording of a full-length record, and then suddenly recently there was chatter about an EP that will precede the full-length. According to the Internet Home Page of AEMMP, the band's newish label, the EP is titled Skyscraper Sound and it will be issued next week on 25 May. Big Science plays a record release show Saturday. Have you seen the awesome art for this thing? We still haven't any idea what songs are on the EP or how one goes about buying it (hey AEMMP, get on that), but two apparently new songs "Basement Lights" and "Burn All Night" popped up on the band's MySpace player in the last couple weeks. But you can be assured that it is likely worth whatever they will be asking.

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