September 28, 2011

Be Prepared: Ringo Deathstarr | Shadow EP | 7 November

Ringo Deathstarr -- Shadow EP
Chaotic and brilliant umpteenth EP from Austin, Texas-based punk/shoegaze cyborgs Ringo Deathstarr, perhaps the most dangerous band in American indie rock these days. The title track to Shadow features guest hollering from ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead's Jason Reece (as we reported here earlier this month) paired with bassist Alex Gehring's always affecting, breathy murmur. "Shadow" touts heavier mechanical rhythm tracks as well, and in tandem with Reece's gut-punching vocals the tune may be the most delightfully heavy thing the Texas trio has recorded. Three additional songs comprise the rest of the EP, including the stunningly ethereal "Prisms" and a cover of "Just You" from the massively excellent '90s television series "Twin Peaks." We're not making this up. Shadow will be released in the UK by Club AC30 Nov. 7 and pre-orders will ship a week early; there is as yet no North American release information. The EP is being pressed to 10" Japanese Cherry Blossom scented pink and purple swirly vinyl in what is described as a "very limited edition." Every 10" will be packaged with a card containing instructions for accessing "lots of" extra remixes of "Shadows." Nylon got the exclusive on the Soundcloud stream of the EP so RUN DON'T WALK over to this hyperlinked uniform resource locator and bliss out to the sounds. As if all of that wasn't excitement enough for a late Wednesday night, Club AC30 reports that the EP is a harbinger of a sophomore full length from The Deathstarr to be released in February 2012. Meaning your life has improved dramatically just over the small amount of time it took you to read this paragraph. We reviewed Ringo Deathstarr's July performance in Boston right here, and we reviewed the band's long-awaited full-length debut Colour Trip right here in May. Pre-order Shadow from Club AC30 right here.

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