September 2, 2011

YouTube Rodeo: Big Deal's Transcendent "Chair"

[via TLOBF exclusive] Cracking track from new-ish London duo Big Deal's debut full length Lights Out, which will be released by Mute Monday in the UK. The tension between Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe in this performance video -- the furtive glances between lines through skewed bangs -- is almost too delicious to actually be real, but either way it perfectly complements the song's confusion and hurt ("only want me for my lungs / only want me for the songs I write about you, about how I like you..."), or a hybrid of the two that in hindsight seems to be a hallmark of young love. As we reported here in June, the album was initially intended for release Oct. 11, but for some reason it was moved up more than a month to Sept. 5, and we can't say as we aren't pleased to get at the collection early. Underwood and Costelloe arrived on the scene last fall with the desperately beautiful and delicate acoustic single "Homework," released by Records Records Records, which we wrote about right here. The new, 12-song long-player was co-produced by Mr. Underwood and a fellow named Dean Reid. You can stream "Chair" via the Soundcloud embed below.

Big Deal - Chair by Big Deal

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