September 1, 2011

Johnny Foreigner's Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything Due Nov. 7, Sticker-Single "(Don't) Show Us Your Fangs" Out Sept. 12

Johnny Foreigner -- Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything
Birmingham, England-based noise pop titans Johnny Foreigner have at long last announced the release of the trio's hotly anticipated third full-length. As first reported here, the self-produced collection -- the band's first full-length since joining Alcopop! Records -- is indeed titled Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything, it is a stunning 18 songs long, and it will be released Nov. 7. The new set was recorded over the course of five months with long-time recording-of-things guy Dom James (as we wrote here in March), he of the erstwhile Brum act Sunset Cinema Club with whom JoFo released a split single some 10,000 years ago in the year 2007.

Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything, according to this fresh blog post from guitarist and singer Alexei Berrow, "sounds like a huge expansive sprawling ambitious and personal version of us." According to the same blog post, the image above is not the official album art, but rather there will be two versions of the final sleeve; an explanation is promised later (we assume by, you know, Nov. 7). Lex also said this: "We made this in Birmingham, in a warehouse under the arches and Dom's parents' spare room. we've never had this much control over recording, or been able to take so long, or had a producer that grew up with us buying the same records at the same time and whose mother constantly fed us square and balanced meals."

The album -- perhaps double album? -- is preceded Sept. 12 by the digital-plus single "(Don't) Show Us Your Fangs" b/w "The Hand That Slaps You Back;" streams embedded below, download "Fangs" here! In typically ingenious fashion, Alcopop! is releasing the single in a limited edition of 500 via a "dual skateboard sticker pack" for the super-cheap price of 1 pound 50, including worldwide shipping. The sticker-single -- nay, STINGLE! -- comes in a set of two stickers with URLs printed on the back where the songs can be downloaded. The band is offering a contest in connection with the stickers: slap them up somewhere clever and email a photo of same to the band's Hotmail address, and at least one winner will receive "some signed exclusive awesome art prints and a super deluxe album pack to give away (it's too early for details, but trust us, they're going to be amazing and sell out)." If you can't wait for the stickers to arrive in your mail, apparently you can include any URL to an image of some fantastic animal with your order and Alcopop! honcho Jack Pop will email you the files. Service!

But BUT AND AND AND. There is also finally a brand new band web site right here, and a new YouTube outpost a little more official than MovingAlexei (or even this, thanks Nettwurkzzzzz, way to go!) where there is also the first of many promised weird visual missives from our heroes. Johnny Foreigner will be celebrating the album and single by headlining the Alcopop! stage at Southsea Fest Sept. 17, and the trio intends to announce more shows soon. We've already seen news that Johnny Foreigner will return to France with brilliant Alcopop! labelmates Screaming Maldini in November. Dear Supreme Being That May Not Exist But For The Sake Of Argument Yadda Yadda, send these jokers to America forthwith.

Let us step back for a moment and think about what a top fucking achievement it is that the new record will include 18 songs. While this is the band's first full-length since the mind-blowing Grace And The Bigger Picture in 2009, in the intervening two years Johnny Foreigner has released some 21 new songs, depending on how you count, and we're sure we're counting wrong, but still -- let's ballpark it at 40 songs in two years' time including the new record and single, yeah? Stunning achievement. Stunning. We couldn't cheer harder for these guys if we tried. Oh, right, the single, it's below, start streaming!

(don't) show us your fangs by johnny foreigner

the hand that slaps you back by johnny foreigner


Anonymous said...

Johnny Foreigner vs Everything (2011) by Johnny Foreigner.

Promo leaks.

Set for release 7th November 2011.

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You beat me "to it," Anonymous.

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