October 12, 2011

Spanish Prisoners | Yes.Oui.Si, Boston | 14 Oct.

Spanish Prisoners at Yes.Oui.Si Space, Oct. 14
Remember the middle of the summer? Kind of? Yeah, this past one. That ended Monday, apparently? Right. Well, anyway, in early July we wrote here about the Brooklyn-based psych-pop concern Spanish Prisoners, who were offering a very early tease of their record Gold Fools. The record finally came out last week, and the entire thing can be streamed at the foursome's Bandcamp dojo right here. Spanish Prisoners will be in Boston Friday playing at the Yes.Oui.Si space by the MFA; the show has an early 7:30PM start, so you could conceivably, conceivably mind you, double-up on shows Friday night. Not sure if you can time it out to also see Wild Flag at the Paradise, but for those of you who habitually habituate what us norms call "the edge," we say go for it. Here's the Facebook Event for the Spanish Prisoners show, and in case you have yet to sample their dreamy, psych deliciousness, here is an embed of the song "Rich Blood" from Gold Fools.

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