October 5, 2011

Today's Hotness: Dananananaykroyd, BDRM Eyes, Bonjour

>> We've been remiss in noting the recently announced break-up of Glaswegian fight pop heroes Dananananaykroyd. The sextet announced last week here it will disband next month after a short farewell tour. The act released the best music of its career earlier this year on the self-released tour de force There Is A Way. Dananananaykroyd will release a final digital single for the barn-burner "Think And Feel" Nov. 7, and its final gig will be in Newcastle, UK on Nov. 12, the final date of a 12-city farewell tour the band is staging. We reviewed There Is A Way right here in July, and in the meantime we greatly enjoyed this Vice web series about the band. We've embedded the video "Black Wax," a standout track from Dananananaykroyd's 2009 full-length debut Hey Everyone! on Best Before, so watch it one more time and think about awesomeness. Dudes seriously did it their way. So long Dana, and thanks for all the rock. Stream There Is A Way via the Soundcloud embed below. Loudly.

Dananananaykroyd - There Is A Way

>> We are in receipt of a particularly hot recommendation from Chris of Young Adults, who last month turned us on to the apparently Southern New Hampshire-based shoegaze upstarts BDRM Eyes. As best as we can tell the quartet has recorded two sets of demos, the more recent of which is at least three songs recorded in early summer at Dead Air Studios in Western Massachusetts. All three of the more recent tracks -- "Big Boo," "Dilution" and "Garmonbozia" -- can be downloaded for free at BDRM Eyes' Bandcamp right here. And we highly recommend you do that, because BDRM Eyes is onto something. Perhaps not something completely new -- at least not yet -- but it is nonetheless quite tasty: big gritty guitars, big melodies, weighty rhythms and impressionistic vocals. We can only imagine what BDRM Eyes could turn out with unlimited resources in the studio. But as it is, all of the latest songs, and particularly "Big Boo," would not sound out of place at all on the absolutely classic 1993 Ten-Cent Fix compilation from Jiffy Boy Records, for example, wedged between Ultra Cindy and China Pig. And that's darn good company. We look forward to learning more about the band and hopefully seeing them sometime soon. Do yourself a favor and stream "Big Boo" below.

>> Another great recommendation came from Johnny Foreigner, who posted this Bandcamp link to a new release by Philadelphia-based emo luminaries Bonjour. The two bands shared a bill during a rare American appearance by Johnny Foreigner, which apparently made quite an impression on the Johnny Foreigner kids. And now Bonjour has finally released some music in the form of its new Motivational Suicide EP. The collection of high-energy guitar pop is available at the aforementioned Bandcamp on a paywhutchalike basis, and the four songs are "I Tried It, I Liked It," "Trenton Makes The World Baked" (which closes with an appropriated bit of chorus from Modern English's "Melt With You" that is somehow even more catchy than the original), "Many Things Are Destroying Me" and "Football Hero." Sinewy guitar leads, shouty sing-along vocals, and bashing percussion means there's a lot to like here. According to this mysterious-seeming tumblr, Bonjour features (former? we don't know!) members of Dangerous Ponies, Airports, Storm The Bastille, Boy Problems, Pirouette, The Sniffles and Harrison Bergeron, none of whom we've heard, but we're certainly a bit interested too now. As with BDRM Eyes above, we look forward to seeing and hearing more from these guys. Hottt with three t's, as we think you'll agree when you stream "I Tried It, I Liked It" and the rest below.

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