June 11, 2012

Be Prepared: Everyone Everywhere | Everyone Everywhere | 7 Aug.

Be Prepared -- Everyone Everywhere's Everyone Everywhere, due Aug. 7

Allow us to defrag your double-take: yeah, Philly-based emo superheroes Everyone Everywhere's hotly anticipated second album is self-titled, just as its first one was. They are skipping their Pinkerton, apparently (although hopefully only figuratively in one way, and not figuratively in another way, as NO band should ever skip their Pinkerton). The forthcoming Everyone Everywhere is referred to by the band as Everyone Everywhere (2012), but we expect it will eventually be called The Panorama Record or some such, just as in popular parlance Weezer is now The Blue Album or The Beatles is The White Album. Regardless, the record will be self-released domestically on vinyl and digitally Aug. 7 on Everyone Everywhere's own newly minted Everything Everywhere Records. It features nine songs recorded by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter in West Chester, PA; Mr. Bardzik and the band co-produced. The band will begin taking pre-orders shortly via its Bandcamp page, and such orders will be name-your-own-price for the first 100 LPs. Those first 100 circular vinyl objects will come packaged with a DVD containing and album-length music video (uhhhhh, what?) as well as a separate video for a single song from the record.

Speaking of songs from the record, fans can already stream one from the new set, "$1,000,000,000," which we've embedded below. It's ace. It sound like the band you love, with a little bit of xylophone added to the mix (or is it marimba? vibraphone?). You heard me. In case you were wondering, the party doesn't stop at the U.S. border: Everyone Everywhere will be released by Big Scary Monsters on vinyl in Europe, which seems like an obvious choice for both the band and BSM. Everyone Everywhere's first self-titled long-player (I'm already exhausted by this -- Ed.) was one of our favorite records of 2010, and you can read our blog tour-wrapping blog tour post right here.

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