June 18, 2012

Today's Hotness: Screaming Maldini, Bottomless Pit

Screaming Maldini -- Life In Glorious Stereo b/w Minor Alterations out June 18, 2012

>> Well it certainly is glorious, and it is out today: Sheffield, England-based pop savants Screaming Maldini have loosed the lead single from its pending eponymous full-length debut. The single, "Life In Glorious Stereo" b/w "Minor Alterations," is available from the act's French label HipHipHip right here. We've previously heralded the top side of the release, but only more recently have we been able to tuck into the B side. "Minor Alterations" is a mid-tempo but bombastic power ballad, slightly more laid back than some Maldini platters but still all Maldini. The cut features the first lead vocal we've heard from Gina Walters and closes beautifully in a cascade of piano chords and trumpet. And what's more, it's not the only new material currently on offer from the band: Screaming Maldini has been making waves in recent days on the strength of an anthem it released for free to cheer on the English side in the ongoing UEFA Euro Champions football (you know, soccer) tournament. The song, titled "Tyranosaurus Kicks," was celebrated with this zany video, and the track will remain available for free as long as England can keep itself alive in the tourney. England's next match is tomorrow afternoon (U.S. east coast time) against Ukraine, so download this thing and start learning the words. Screaming Maldini will be released in the UK on Alcopop! Records this fall and elsewhere in the world via HipHipHip. Screaming Maldini's terrific ...And The Kookaburra EP was one of our favorite records of 2010, and it was only this past April the band helped us resuscitate our long-standing Show Us Yours feature right here. It's exciting times for the band and we can't wait to hear the long-player.

>> Revered indie rock institution Bottomless Pit disclosed last week to its email list that not only was new material "under development," but also that its catalogue was being bundled into a limited-edition, gatefold double-disc collection for release in Japan titled Lottery 2005-2012. The band, of course, notably features former members of legendary Chicago indie rockers Silkworm. Its prior releases, the Hammer Of The Gods and Blood Under The Bridge full-lengths and the Congress EP, are joined in the new collection by three previously unreleased songs "State I'm In," "The Colchis Eagles," and "Winterwind (Fast)." A limited number of copies of Lottery 2005-2012 are available to domestic fans directly from the quartet and from top-notch indie Comedy Minus One here. It was announced today those three new tracks will be made available digitally July 17 by Comedy Minus One, in the event you don't want to re-buy a boat-load of music you already own. But for Silkworm fans who have (bizarrely) not yet connected with Bottomless Pit, the new collection is a quick way to get up to speed. We reviewed a stirring Bottomless Pit show in Cambridge, MA here back in July 2008, and very much look forward to our opportunity to see them again.

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