June 27, 2012

Pre-Orders Available Now For Johnny Foreigner's Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything Expanded, Double LP Reissue, Acquire With Extreme Prejudice

Johnny Foreigner's Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything Double LP reissue pre-orders are on offer now

At long last, the best record of 2011 is seeing release as double LP package including b-sides and a bonus "making of Johnny Foreigner" sticker book. The inimitable Alcopop! Records today began taking pre-orders for its very deluxe limited edition reissue right here. Above this text we've posted the complete external art for the gatefold LP version of Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything, which Alcopop! gave us an exclusive on this morning, so you've already seen it if you monitor our Twitter feed or follow our Facebook page, and if you don't, well, you're seeing it now. Last year we called the record "an immaculate, career-defining effort" and "beautifully conceived;" we reviewed it here last November and posted here a very in-depth interview regarding same with Johnny Foreigner's Alexei Berrow, Junior Elvis Washington Laidley and Kelly Southern.

To promote the reissue one of the contextual b-sides from the album cycle, "The Hand That Slaps You Back," is available to stream and download for free via the embed below. The song was the b-side to the lead (dual skateboard sticker) single from the album, "(Don't) Show Us Your Fangs," which was issued Sept. 12 of last year, according to our own trusty archives. There's so much more to write about the band's awesome goings-on (like, 'hey, new website!'), but we'll cut to the chase for American fans: yes, there is talk in an email from Alcopop! of "an extensive tour of the UK and USA in the Autumn" (emphasis mine). We've even heard whispers about a potential US tourmate, which if true will surprise you momentarily and then you'll be like "oh, that totally makes sense." So anyway, buy the double LP, it's awesome, and worth the expense of getting two or three copies on import, easy. The double LP version of Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything streets July 16 or July 16-ish.

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