February 28, 2013

YouTube Rodeo: Veronica Falls' Crushingly Perfect "Teenage"

Some songs are so good they can, if only for a few moments, give you your youth back. Or, for you youngsters, they are so good that they become your youth. You won't even know it for years, but one day you'll put on Veronica Falls' brilliant sophomore set Waiting For Something To Happen and the second track will roll into the speakers and boom, it's just like Chuck Bartowski flashing The Intersect. And so the purpose of this weblog post is four-fold. First, to tell you what we just told you. Second, to celebrate the fact that we finally dragged ourselves into a brick-and-mortar store earlier today to pick up Waiting For Something To Happen, because those goddamned Pantsfork Advance album streams don't last forever and we love indie pop. Third, to tell you that we just spent the last half-hour watching live clips of "Teenage" on YouTube (the clip above is tops, despite it's middling image quality, but this one and this one are also quite good). And finally, Bostonians should know that Veronica Falls' U.S. tour begins in D.C. on March 6 and arrives in Boston a week from Saturday for a hotly anticipated show at Great Scott. We speculate that venue likely will not be able to hold the band the next time it comes through town as we expect that their collective star will only continue to rise on the strength of the new record, which is so much preciously beautiful and jangly lightning in a bottle. Tickets for the show March 9 are still available, but we would not be surprised if that stopped being the case this time next week, so plan wisely. Waiting For Something To Happen was released by Slumberland Records Feb. 12 and you can buy it directly from the label right here; the London quartet's self-titled full-length debut was issued in 2011.

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