February 18, 2013

Today's Hotness: Bedroom Eyes, Fat History Month, Yawns

Bedroom Eyes

>> At long last we have new music from Boston shoegaze dynamos Bedroom Eyes, an act that was sidelined for months when its second guitarist suffered a broken hand last fall. That guitarist has now left the band and after briefly considering augmenting the remaining three-piece with a keyboard player, Bedroom Eyes has elected to continue on as a trio. Earlier this month the act updated its Bandcamp offerings with a new demo of a song called "Ripe," its first recorded effort in the new trio configuration. The tune commences with a clean, articulated guitar melody and bright bass, suggesting, albeit momentarily, that Bedroom Eyes may have changed its approach to the art of rocking. But that moment is fleeting, as the bending, buzzsaw guitars and floating vocals that characterize the band's powerful prior work quickly move front and center. It's a welcome return from one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Boston shoegaze. Download or stream "Ripe" via the Bandcamp embed below. The band has an EP's worth of new material under its belt and hopes to get that music recorded in a proper studio or to at least self-record and issue some tunes via a cassette. Bedroom Eyes released its stellar full-length debut What Are You Wrong With last summer, and we reviewed it right here.

>> Revered Boston indie rock duo Fat History Month delivered a twofer at the beginning of the month with the announcement of its sophomore set Bad History Month and an expanded cassette reissue of the duo's first single, "Safe And Sound." The new long-player is a co-release of Exploding In Sound and Sophomore Lounge, two of America's finer labels, and will be issued to the masses April 1. The Bad History Month LP ("the last one was our comedy album. This one's a tragedy," the act quips at Bandcamp) is heralded by its alternately swirling and angular title track, a characteristically entrancing three-minutes-and-change of deconstructed cow-punk which you can stream via the embed below. The 12-song LP is being pressed in a limited edition of 500 discs and comes packaged with a letter-sized, 26-page illustrated lyric sheet/coloring book, with art by Adric Giles. Pre-orders are being taken now with the inducement that those taking advantage will receive a single MP3 download (presumably of the title track, but who knows?) to tide them over. Hidden Temple Tapes is doing the honors for the reissue of "Safe And Sound," and the new cassette version contains two additional songs from the sessions that produced the original sides, as well as five more songs -- the "Mummy Demos" -- from the pair's first recording session in 2007. Get all the deets about the "Safe And Sound" cassette right here. Fat History Month embarks on a massive, five-week U.S. tour with labelmates Pile March 22; full dates are at its Bandcamp page right here (scroll down, money). Fat History Month's titanic debut full-length Fucking Despair was issued by Sophomore Lounge in September 2011.

>> We do sincerely hope that you were watching the Clicky Clicky Facebook page earlier this week when we gave big ups to the new song/debut video from Glaswegian indie sensations The Yawns. The quintet, which we turned on to after scenemates The Cherry Wave referred to them recently, on Valentine's Day offered up the new tune "Full Of Admiration" via a fairly demented video clip that you can watch right here. "Full Of Admiration" opens with a pretty bass melody but is quickly overtaken by jangly guitars and spectral vocals -- including some beautiful falsetto melodies -- set adrift in a thick cloud of reverb. The delicate but damaged pop song -- which will feature on The Yawns' next long-player -- reminds us of the apparently-still-a-band-all-these-years-later Norman, Okla.-based psych pop savants Evangelicals, who slipped off our radar a few years ago. The clip for "Full Of Admiration" features band members lounging in a tub of God-we-hope-that-is-beer, snorting glitter, and eating fried egg out of a handmade Valentine that was too big for the mail slot. In short: it's fucking brilliant. We know little about The Yawns beyond the fact that it features former members of Copy Haho -- once part of the short-lived but very promising Awesome Pals collective, right? -- and GoldFlakePaint picked the band's self-titled 2012 full-length debut as one of the best of last year, but we are very eager to hear and see what the fivesome does next. You can stream "Full Of Admiration" via the Bandcamp embed below.

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