June 9, 2013

Young Adults, Departures, Chandeliers, Ovlov | Great Scott | 11 June

Young Adults, Departures, Chandeliers, Ovlov | Great Scott, Boston | 11 June

Now and again you've just got to center yourself and focus in on the face-melting tao of Young Adults. Fortunately it's just a matter of hours until you can do that again, as the Massachusetts-spanning post-punk heroes will topline a blistering bill at Great Scott in Boston that also features Winnipeg-based static blasters Departures, Connecticut grunge-pop messiahs Ovlov and the dark jangle and shake of Allston's Chandeliers. We're presently in the thrall of Departures' melodic, uneasy chord crusher "Being There," which we've embedded below. The tune, from the quintet's 2012 debut long-player Still And Moving Lines, touts dense curtains of distorted guitar and bass that work hard to try to choke out the vocal of fronter and guitarist Nicholas Liang. The aural wash is equal parts melody and power, and taken in tandem with the bashing rhythm section it gives "Being There" a bracing sense of urgency. We're excited about this band, and as they are on a bill with Clicky Clicky faves YA and Chandeliers, and Ovlov has been killing it of late on the strength of its single "Nu Punk" (from the three brothers' forthcoming full-length debut Am), seeing this show Tuesday night seems like a thing that you should do. Not to be pushy about it. Again, find a place where you can focus, and think, "do I really like rock and roll music?" We think the answer is yes. Finally, we've been curious about the goings on in the Young Adults camp, as there was a reference to a video having been made in April, and yet we have seen no video. We'll put our best people on sorting that out. In the meantime, full details concerning the show are at this Facebook event page. We've tossed a few more stream below, including Ovlov's thrilling bum-out "Blue Baby," Young Adults' blazing "College Rock" and Chandeliers' dynamic gem "Temperance."

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