May 12, 2014

YouTube Rodeo: The I Want You's Play-Full "Ah Really"

It's the patience and the pulse, the interplay between the steady stream of solemn organ and the awl-punch of the bass playing, that draws us in to the new guitar-pop nodder "Ah Really" from un-peg-able Boston four-piece The I Want You. The song is the title track to a forthcoming six-song EP from the combo, and as you've no doubt gleaned from the big rectangular box above, the act has also concocted a video clip to promote the tune. While not as insanely ambitious as The I Want You's prior video for "Three Short Days," the new clip makes a not insignificant amount of metaphorical hay about games and relationships with its time-elapsed, stationary shots of three people playing Settlers Of Catan. At some point there is a small toy jeep and battleship on the gaming table, which is either some meta-joke about board games, or Settlers Of Catan is a lot more interesting than we'd be led to believe. But let us not let a cat crossing the table or some glimpses at "The Simpsons"-patterned pajama pants distract us from what's really important here, which is a very solid rocker whose downward-spiraling melody is as poignant as The I Want You's arrangement is methodical. The act does a surprisingly wide variety of things well, and its studied synthesis of pre-punk and post-punk sounds makes for some very smart results all across the EP; make sure to throw ears on the agitated lead guitar work in the opener "Off And On. And stick around for the cracking yearner "Drifting," which may actually be the strongest tune on the collection, and which may or may not contain the amazing lyric "I'm gonna come down from the superglue." The I Want You fĂȘte the release of the Ah Really EP June 4 with a show at Cambridge, Mass.'s Middlesex Lounge. The evening includes performances from the mighty noise-pop concern Reports as well as Spirit Kid. Full details about the night are right here. In the meantime, you can stream the entire EP from The I Want You via the Bandcamp embed below, which is an advisable course of action.

The I Want You: Internerds | Bandcamp | Facebook

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