November 5, 2014

Chandos Sign To Carpark, Rats In Your Bed Due Jan. 27

Chandos by Timothy Daniel Kennedy

[PHOTO: Timothy Daniel Kennedy] Well, the band's tell-tale CMJ label showcase slot came and went, and the news went unannounced, and truthfully we were starting to worry a little bit. But today, finally, Carpark Records revealed that it has signed Boston anxiety-pop heroes Chandos -- the trio formerly known as Chandeliers -- and will release the act's debut LP Rats In Your Bed Jan. 27. The instrumental tracks for the 11-song set were recorded over two days with Ryan Stack at Format Audio in Exeter, New Hampshire, and vocals were cut in the Chandos' trusty practice space. According to the band, Rats In Your Bed will present a slightly more cleaned-up sounds. But not too clean, according to remarks accompanying the track over at Carpark's Soundcloud yert. In a canned quote, bassist Sean Tracy -- who Clicky Clicky readers will recall was the artist-in-his-own-residence for our most recent Regolith feature -- stated, "It's definitely a pretty dirty-sounding record." A review of the track listing for the new record shows a bunch of cuts from the prior cassette releases including "Creepwolf" and "Temperance" have made the cut for the full-length. The cracking first preview track from the set is a new tune titled "...Pretty Sure It's 'Tang Top'", and it doesn't stray too far from the Chandos sound we know and love. With the new tune's near-anthemic choruses, tumbling rhythm tracks and wiry guitar lines, it's little wonder that the label that signed indie heavyweights Speedy Ortiz would get behind Chandos. Pre-orders for Rats In Your Bed are already live via the Carpark web site here, where you can also check out the album art for the set. Pre-orders will ship by or before the release date, and digital downloads will go out the night prior, Jan. 26. We've heard whispers that Rats In Your Bed is next-level for Chandos, and we look forward to hearing the whole dang enchilada. Stream "...Pretty Sure It's 'Tang Top'" via the embed below.

Chandos: Bandcamp | Facebook

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