December 11, 2003

"And the truth is I don't mind, but I miss you all the time." - Milwaukee

What up. This is the kind of stuff that really fascinates me, perhaps because I have only an elementary understanding of such matters, and what I don't understand seems like magic or mysticism.

It probably comes as no surprise that I am really enjoying the latest installment at Last Plane to Jakarta, since having cool people tell me about what records are good or bad and why is one of my favorite things. While this is basically what my blog is all about, I am going to try to do more entries like it. I may even eventually get my own top-level domain. I have scoped out, and it is available. Extra bonus points to anyone who can tell me where the name came from. Not that I don't know. OK, this is a stupid idea...

Launchcast served up Duran Duran's cover of "White Lines" to me this afternoon and I have to say it is likely the best thing they ever did. Not to discount the amazing pop they churned out in the early 80s (c'mon, admit it). But to blaze their comeback trail with this cover, which is sprinkled with touches of good-period Ministry production, was genius.

I was thinking about my friend Chuck the other day, due to the appearance of Lagwagon's "Violins" on Launchcast, and that made me do a little quick research to see if I can get my hands on Superconductor's "The Strip Oracle" on CD -- a favorite of the WesRadio gang and Charles. I didn't turn up anything definitive re: getting the song on CD, but I found this relatively informative article about the act.

Kudos to Dahlia, she is on the cover of a glossy mag in Berlin that covers the nightlife and new music. The chick is in town for like a month and she is already a name. Hot damn.

Just got a couple promos in the mail for Junkmedia, which is promising to come out of hibernation in January. I scored the latest Chris Brokaw solo joint, which is very spare and touts what to me is a disappointing reading on "Shoot Me First," which to me is the crown jewel of Come's "Near Life Experience." The acoustic treatment is just too delicate for the song in my opinion.

Well, that's about all. Here are some things that are still rocking me:

Mendoza Line: Lost In Revelry
Neil Young: Decade
Come: Don't Ask Don't Tell
Ride: Nowhere
Interpol: the single with "The Specialist" on it.

That is all.

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