December 7, 2003

"i don't want to tell you what you want to know, i don't want to tell you at all." - ride

Best Software Review Ever -- Submitted to Amazon for MS Office Student/Teacher Edition:

Feh. This means you have to do work, December 4, 2003
Reviewer: Great Cthulhu (see more about me) from Sunken R'lyeh

When will people figure out that if they don't buy this stuff, they don't have to do work? If you get just the operating system, you have WordPad, which is trouble enough, but you can get your typing done in time to fire up a web browser and do some SERIOUS surfing. Get office software like a spreadsheet or powerpoint, and you cut way into your surfing time with the curse of the drinking classes: work.
It's not all bad, though. You can uninstall it easily and then scratch the CD real bad so it won't install again. Then when anybody asks you to work again, just show the damaged CD and say you're waiting on the replacement, shrug your shoulders, and get back to your online gambling habit.

Anyhoo, I thought that was pretty comical. Had some good times over the last few days, firstly with The Good Doctor, Herr Koo Marr, Cable Elk, Logie, Wazzon, Sizable Headphones Douglass and posse at the MOS Friday night. Good times rappin' about important stuff like Beatallica, home video projects, city-provided childcare and all manner of stuff. Saturday was International Rob Mathews Day and we celebrated through the blizzard with an assortment of activities including Go Kart Racing at a track I beleive is partially owned by the bass player for Aerosmith (H-Dog won; WHMJR provided instrumental logistical support throughout and came in second to boot). We also dined at Bettie's Wok and Noodle and covered topics ranging from The OC to the sale of (well, the domain anyway) to CNET. Snow swirled about and piled up all day. It was crazy. Today we stayed in and did stuff round the house, including burning CDs with the new computer (now a 14-minute process instead of a 60-minute one) and watching the Eagles and Pats. Of course, there is more I would like to cover, but Alias is about to fire up on the JVC Television Receiver situated in our front room and I need to go sit in front of the unit and focus my eyes on the "picture" "tube" or some reasonable facsimile thereof. That is all.

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