December 31, 2003

"Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me." - Broken Social Scene

The Holidays were nice but it is equally nice being back in Cambridge after eight days away. Got some good loot for Xmas including this and this and even this. But more than that it was just nice to hang out with people I don't see very often such as Zippy, Abrazzi, Lanky Jim, Deano and Agent Buck. Set up my folks on their new desktop and got my dad's blackberry working -- two things he hopes to master. I hope he can at least derive some entertainment value out of the PC. I set up a My Yahoo page for him to use as a launch pad. We'll see how that goes.

My year end best of list for the rock and roll should be posted at CheekyMonkey sometime in the next couple weeks, keep checking in.

Broadband arrives and changes everything on Friday. If we correspond with any regularity I will probably hit you with an email from a new Comcast account soon. If we don't correspond regularly and you need to get me, hit my Wesleyan account and I will try to remember to check it a couple times in the next couple months.

Heading out this evening for some Chinese food and light recreation thereafter at the Housh-Thomases. Should be splendid. Trying to get the house straightened up and all the Christmas stuff in place. Dug out two of the three boxes I need to box up the old desktop, which goes offline for good Friday as well. Change is afoot. Still haven't seen The Return of the King or any of the other movies I'd like to see, but hope to knock some out between now and Monday, or at least between now and when we head off to Tortola to attend the pending Posse/Perkins nuptials there. Happy new year, nerds.

That is all.

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