December 17, 2003

"She's changing cars on the subway to avoid me."- Wendyfix

Three short items, as there is quite a lot of office-partying and the like to do this week. First off, an old but informative/entertaining interview with Joey Sweeney is archived here -- note the reference to "Girls High." Second, the New York Times just ran a very informative look at Dizzee Rascal, whose album is on my "need to hear to be an educated hipster" list (it usually takes me about 6 months to actually hear the things on this imaginary list, and the six month is right about now). Anyway, it requires signing in, which isn't so painful, and especially worth it since the article has a lot to offer. Finally, I discovered BookBitch today while researching some titles for Lopez' Xmas pile. I haven't decided how much stock I put in this woman's opinion yet, but how can you not love the name? Elegant in its simplicity, indeed.

That is all.

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