December 2, 2003

"there is snow covering your blanket, you wish you could love the loving." - idaho

If nothing else, Big Head Todd and the Monsters have/had one of the best band names ever. This is what I was thinking after a mediocre cover band chased me, Lopez, Tito, Woods, Grellan and PFC out of the Berwyn Tavern Friday night. We had settled in to reflect on our good fortune but these jamokes fired up their brand of lame rock and so we headed to the Beef and Crotch over West Wayne way. Good times. Thanksgiving on the whole was pleasing, marked by a greater proportion of family time and one-on-one hanging out time with aforementioned buddies and other miscreants including Luka Brasi and Toshio. Speaking of Brasi, he saw fit to give me a ring Sunday eve after me and Lopez returned to indicate 1) that he was liquored up from watching the Eagles game at a friend's place and 2) he had had earlier in the day a quasi-religious experience eating a Krispy Kreme donut fresh out of the oven, supplied to him at no cost by the hole jerk at the KK shop drug dealer-style.

Some other points from the past week:

1. VU's White Light/White Heat received three plays in a row on the car trip back to MA. The record just keeps on giving. Very electric, even tho it was recorded with about the same quality as some of the so-called lo-fi rock on 10 years ago. Christ, even less.

2. I don't often find much reason to say anything nice about the programming transmitted to us over the television (think about the term programming for a moment, why don't you, and consider the Orwellian implications), but I thought the most recent episode of Alias, the flesh-filled Jennifer Garner vehicle on the American Broadcasting Corporation network Sundays, was quite well done. Wierdo David Cronenberg guested and the episode dealt with a lot of dream/memory sequences that were pretty neat and tidily laced into the plot. The goodness of it was almost on par with Twin Peaks stuff.

3. I am posting from the old computer, tho we received the new one Monday. The new one is hot stuff, sooper fast. But I couldn't get out AT&T account to work with the modem for it. So balls to you American Telephone and Telegraph, I just signed up for broadband with Comcast, a good old Philadelphia-based company. So this is an alert to the faithful out there that Lopez and I will be rocking Comcast addresses before the year ticks down. Beware.

4. There is much more, but the house is a wreck, so I will save some musings for another evening this week. That is all.

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