November 1, 2004

"I don't care if I f*ck up, I'm going on a date, with a rich white lady..." - Elliot Smith.

I've been trying for the better part of a year to glean the meaning of Rockist and Rockism from dense and brutally nerdy threads on ILM. Finally, the New York Times comes to my aid. And I've gotta say, I am pretty proud to be a Rockist, or a self-aware Rockist, Which might not make me a Rockist at all. Whatever. To me, sucky music still sucks, no matter whose rules we're playing by.

Take the edge off your fear of four more years of Jorge Bush during the vote count tomorrow night and tune in to my Radio TeapotHill webcast at 9PM. Plenty of time for you last minute voters to mark your ballot and grab a burrito and a sixer on your way home before I start cranking out the tunes. Requests and abuse taken via AIM, jbreitling02. Oh yeah, and if you get booted off the stream, try getting back on -- I've found that I am still getting bumped off the server myself about twice during the show, which problem in turn bounces everybody else. Hey, it ain't perfect, but it delivers the free rock to the people.

I picked up the new Elliot Smith, the Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain re-issue, and the Arcade Fire record last week, and I have been totally grooving on them. I played the Pavement joint for about three days straight. Now I am heavy into the Elliot Smith.

What the hell, here is an MP3. If this election is making you paranoid, take heart that you likely can't be more paranoid than the dude behind Bingo Gazingo. His maniacal tune "You're Out of the Computer" is really superlative, busting nerd rhymes with an odd stammering rapping style that is really compelling. Right click and save as.

That is all.

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