November 21, 2004

"OK, throw me in the river, OK, OK." - Wendyfix.

Lopez and I will be jaunting around various small towns and state capitols (okay, just Harrisburg) for the Thanksgiving holidays. In my absence I leave you with a couple MP3s to tide you over until we get back.

Wendy Fix, the story goes, was an Illinois state high school women's tennis champion sometime in the early '90s. Wendyfix the indie rock trio was christened thusly by My Pal God Records' Jon Solomon, who presumably read about Ms. Fix in a local newspaper while schooling at Northwestern with Haywood's Ted Pauly when Ted started his "college band." Solomon played in an early iteration of the band, and also named Haywood; I guess he's the guy to go to if you need a band name. Anyhoo, Wendyfix the band went on to issue a single seven inch as the debut release of Spade Kitty Records, also based in Chicago. For more on the history of all that, check out this . Happily, Wendyfix recorded quite a few songs during its existence. Sadly, only a few of them saw release. Besides Spade Kitty 001, which featured Pauly's "Slow" on the A side and Brian McGrath's "Silence" on the B side, Wendyfix also had a cut on the solid WPRB radio comp "Dog So Large I Cannot See Past It" called "Knife's Throw" (not their best work). It appears clips of that song and many others are available as .wav files here. Anyhoo, "Slow" is one of my favorites, so check it out. You can also see a video for their song "Pillowhead" here.

I am excited for the forthcoming Nirvana box set. One of the cuts that it includes, "Even In His Youth," was originally released on the flip side of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" single and subsequently on the Hormoaning Australian tour support EP. I taped it off Villanova University's WXVU while I was in high school and just discovering the wonders of college radio. Through the magic of the internet you can hear it yourself before the box set drops on Tuesday by checking this out. Lampshade used to cover this number back in the day.

That is all.

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