November 17, 2004

"I've been here days, won't be here for a long time." - Treepeople.

So I just finished Azzerad's Nirvana bio "Come As You Are," which I enjoyed a fair amount. I will say that the thing is woefully edited. There are regular instances throughout the book where Azzerad uses the exact same sentence on the same page, with the same images and metaphors and whatnot. Having written for a living I know that this is bad editing. As a writer you get jazzed with your own work and try to move stuff around on the page to build a strand of logic. Sometimes, you end up repeating yourself. In a perfect world your publisher pays someone to read your copy and to ensure you don't do dumb shit like this (OK, in a perfect world you don't write crap). Apparently Azzerad's editor/s were mentally out to lunch some of the time.

I was tooling around EMusic yesterday when I caught sight of C/Z Records, a label I had completely forgotten about. Anyway, C/Z put out a lot of great records, including Silkworm's In The West. But more importantly, C/Z put out records by Treepeople, the indie rock act Doug Martsch was in before Built To Spill. Treepeople rock. Imagine Built To Spill but crossed with the most agressive Archers of Loaf stuff. Incidentally, there is an awesome double split seven inch of Treepeople and Archers covering eachother's songs. But that is besides the point. The point is, if you like Built to Spill, you should dig up Treepeople records like this one.. The end.

Hey, check this out. H-Dawg from Accounts Receiveable and his cohort D-Money created a website for a photographer, Sven Martson.The site is really modern and clean, and the pictures are pretty good too. Poke around for the shot of the junior high field hockey goalie. If there is a better representation of pre-teen pathos on the web, I challenge you to find it.

Okay, here's the playlist from last night:

1. Ad Council - WESU PSA "Ridiculous."
2. Ride - "Eight Miles High."
3. XTC - "Radios In Motion (White Music Version)."
4. Broken Social Scene - "Alive in '85."
5. The Low Numbers - "Entertain Good Taste."
6. Treepeople - "Liquid Boy."
7. Flop - "I Told A Lie."
8. Roland Kirk - "Why Don't They Know?"
9. Barry Black - "Boo Barry Blip."
10. Brad Mehldau - "Wave/Every Mother's Son."
11. Soltero - "The Moment You Said Yes."
12. The Halo Bit - "W. Sarah."
13. Bright Eyes - "I Woke Up With This Song In My Head."
14. Death Cab For Cutie - "Lowell, MA."
15. Interpol - "Song Seven."
16. Pink Floyd - "Point Me At The Sky."
17. Royal City - "My Brother Is The Meatman."
18. The Conet Project - "The Lincolnshire Slasher."
19. Jbreitling - "Fink (Outro)."
20. Nine Inch Nails - "Sin."
21. Deadbeat vs. Stephen Beaupre - "Ample Slacks."
22. Scott Johnson - "John Somebody, pt. 1."
23. Palace Brothers - "Brute Choir."
24. Pedro The Lion - "The Longest Winter."
25. Sunny Day Real Estate - "How It Feels To Be Something On."
26. Ted Pauly - "Your Bag."
27. Wilco - "Jesus, Etc (Live)."
28. The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 1)."
29. Modest Mouse - "The World At Large."
30. Dizzy Gillespie - "Kush."

That is all.

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