November 29, 2004

"I catch the breeze, the smell of eucalyptus trees." - J Church.

Tune in tomorrow night for my slot on Radio TeapotHill at 9PM. Two hours of the American Good Rock.

The Thanksgiving holiday was quite pleasant and relaxing. A lot of it was spent in the car listening to great CDs the Webnoize chaps had brought my way, including Iggy and the Stooges' "Raw Power", the New York Dolls' self-titled effort and The Feelies' "Only Life". The list goes on and on. A lot of records, I am saying.

Apparently Morrissey is covering an awesome PIL song on the flipside of his next single. Unfortunately, there is no way this can be good. "The Public Image" is an awesome song, but there is just nothing Morrissey could do it but destroy it with is frumpery. On a related note, I saw him on Letterman recently and was utterly uninspired. The guy is just plain dull live. Was he ever interesting to watch when with The Smiths? Is there Smiths live concert footage out there somewhere. Anyway, here is ILM's discussion of the PIL cover.

NY Observer describes the Pitchfork effect, and includes some interesting information worth reading about how the site conducts its business and its history.

Oops. Apparently C-Span ran a segment on how racy some of the video games out there have gotten. And apparently, they accidentally showed some boobs on the television.

Big Ticket has links to numerous trailers for The Life Aquatic with Stephen Zissou, which I am looking forward to seeing very much.

Chromewaves reports that the Merge Dinosaur Jr. reissues coming next March 22 appear to be disappointingly augmented. That bites.

EmptyFree has a fairly interesting bit about Japanese surf rock of the early to mid '60s.

Clicky-Clicky UPDATE:

A chap named John at finally got back to me regarding the Lilys reissues I was hyped about a few weeks ago. According to John, "that item has not been re-released yet, the release date has been changed and is TBA." All of which I take to mean the whole thing was just a minor mistake of some sort, and the reissues are just vaporware resulting from some intern entering the information incorrectly or something. Hopefully I am wrong, but John's response did not inspire confidence.

Regarding the Nirvana MP3 that was in the last post, and the Nirvana box set. The New York Times reviews the set. Another article I read about music retail indicates that Target is the best place to buy it, as it is selling it $10 below retailer list price.

That is all.

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