November 18, 2004

"It's just a small part of a bigger waste of time." - New Radiant Storm King.

Stars now have a video on their website for their song "Ageless Beauty." The song is awesome. The video is a bit WB, but the shots of the band playing and rocking out with all the quick cuts is pretty exciting to watch. And the singer, Emily Haines, performs with a black X over her heart, which is pretty cool (and reminds me of a certain Torgo t-shirt design). Anyway, it worth looking at. These guys are going to be huge. I suspect they will be making an appearance in The OC in the next 12 months. Stars' label's web site is in flash, so I can't direct link to the video, but go here, click on "navigation," go to "album," and click the little icon next to the song title. While you are at the Arts + Crafts site, check out the great video for Broken Social Scene's "Cause = Time."

Infinity Broadcasting plans to cut ties with independent radio promoters. I don't suspect this was an altruistic move to improve the pathetic state of commercial radio currently. Hopefully someone goes to jail for turning radio into a bucket of sputum. Apparently Clear Channel and Cox had already done this. Gotta love that Elliot Spitzer for putting the fear of God, well, poverty, into people.

Wilco played a set on KCRW yesterday, and it is archived here. Check it out. The Wagster says it sounds pretty great.

In other good news, believe it or not The Good Doctor is back in the MP3 blogging game. Check out the cool Yo La Tengo he has up right now.

Finally, the guy who put on the Vermonstress Sub Pop Festival in 1992 also, apparently, put on a series of festivals called Burlingtonitus. There is a bunch of information about it here, as well as MP3s from the different years. Notable acts include Huffy, fronted by one Tim Lauben, who went on to front erstwhile post-Haywood rockers The Red and The Black.

That is all.

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