July 5, 2005

"And they could see forever... and they could see..." - Helms.

The Buddyhead MP3 blog rightfully pays homage to the first Jane's Addiction record. We never knew it wasn't really live -- that is pretty disappointing in a way.

The Mobius Band are offering a download of the title track [right click and save as] to their forthcoming full length, which streets in early August. The song is a rocker. Melodic, more pointedly forceful in the rhythm section. Is the Mobius Band an updated, tougher Yo La Tengo? It's starting to sound that way. Or at least they're a younger one and are still exciting in the sense that the band has talented players who are still something of an unknown quantity.

That is all.

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todd b. said...

Nick, Pete, Jerry, there's a fire in the barn!