July 28, 2005

"Now you got your face in every magazine..." - The Coctails.

So AllMusic states the first Jane's Addiction record was in fact recorded at the Roxy in L.A., which conflicts with the info that we got from Buddyhead recently. Or does it -- maybe it was recorded there but not with a live audience? Who can you believe? Anyway, we'd prefer to think that the record was in fact live, just because that is what we've believed for the last 15 years.

Incidentally, we completely disagree with the AllMusic reviewer's take on the record, that it will only interest completists. We don't believe the reviewer has a sense of the time period during which the record was recorded, and how startling and exciting songs like "Chip Away" and "1%" were at the time. Oh well. We're old.

For some strange reason, you can pre-order The Get Quick record at Overstock.com already for $9 including a buck for shipping. It just seems odd that the listing shows up in search results. We were looking around for more info to see whether the record streets 8/9 or 8/23 -- Overstock.com claims it streets 8/9, so we guess it isn't weird that they are already taking pre-orders for the record. Although it is hard to believe that there is already "overstock" of the record, since it hasn't been released yet. Anyway, we ordered a copy, just because we thought the whole thing was a little odd. If you are in Philly, it looks like Silk City is hosting a record release party 9/2, which is at least two weeks after the record streets if not more. All very quizzical.

"Guess you can't **** ** in the *** and get on the spaceship." The latest Buddyhead gossip update is as brutal as ever.

chips in its own remembrances of Karate to mark the dissolution of the band.

Here's more on AAIM, the new indie label trade group we mentioned in context of the ITunes issue earlier this week.

That is all.

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