July 4, 2005

"Misjudged your limit, pushed you too far." - The Cure.

Some quick jots over coffee:

No surprise about this: KoooomDogg hated MTV's coverage of Live 8 as well. For a little comic relief, click over to Philebrity and read their coverage of the action from the press tent side of things. And no real surprise to anybody whose been old enough long enough: sounds like the storied Philly rock club The Khyber Pass Pub has been dealt one its almost annual closures by one of the city's more corrupt agencies, License & Inspections. Guess they forgot to grease the right wheels again.

Enterprising folks can go find audio and video of the various Live 8 performances out on the Interwebs. We just hunted down MP3s of the Cure's Paris performance. The files are high bitrate rips of a low bitrate webcast, so the sound is very dicey. But the set was pretty rockin,' the band had the distortion cranked up, something that gave the 1-2 set-closing punches of "Just Like Heaven" and "Boys Don't Cry" a bit of new energy. For the curious, the remainder of the set went, in order, "Open," "100 Years" and then "End." Big guitars. It would be great to hear a soundboard, pre-webcast recording of this. What we've encountered is really washy, albeit in a shiny high bit rate way.

One last thing on the Philly tip. With the new ITunes upgrade making it so easy to listen to podcasts, there is really no reason why you aren't listening to the WHYME podcast. It's long on Philly indie music, particularly one our obsessions, the Hi-Soft, who have a cut featured prominently in the latest episode. Also a great cut from former Franklinite Ralph Darden's Jai Alai Savant, which now operates out of Chicago we believe. Anyway, WHYME hipped us to the web site for the label apparently releasing the Hi-Soft EP sometime soon. We had been coming up empty Googling "Chocolate Hearts," turns out we needed to be going here. Why not hit up their web site and tell them to release the Hi-Soft EP, already?

[Secret Bonus Non-Music Discussion: Does anybody else watch The Inspector Lynley Mysteries on PBS? Damn, we are addicted to that show. Been watching for a couple seasons, but the latest two were especially good. End of transmission.]

That is all.

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Jay said...

Hey mang,

Thanks for recommending the WhyMe podcast. I downloaded the latest show and listened to it this morning when I went on a run and it was mighty entertaining. Although I guess the one I listened to combined the hosts of two different podcasts, but whatever, it was good schtuff.

Good point about the MP3s of the Live 8 performances. I found a couple: U2's "One" and Pink Floyd's "Money," but I'm sure there's plenty more out there. And that's not even counting the bit torrents, which have pretty much everything up already.