July 20, 2005

"I can see you running 'round the town so obviously..." - Mazarin.

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

Many of you, if you've drank beers with us in the past few years, know of our get-rich-quick scheme of developing some software that would let consumers use a desktop scanner to capture the visual information in the grooves of their records and then convert that visual information to a sound file. Alas, my technically inclined friend JJB has discovered that the idea has been taken by these doods. Oh well, back to the dryer lint idea.

One in three Britons owns Michael Jackson's Thriller
, and other interesting music tidbits, courtesy of Coolfer.

LHB points us to this Broken Social Scene interview over at MTV, in which the band's Drew notes they cut all the catchiest singles from the forthcoming record. Uuuuhhhm, why? Maybe that is why the NYC cops beat the crud out of that one dood.

Here are a couple podcasts we are going to check out, they come pretty highly recommended. Particularly the first one, which got a lot of hype from the 'Nac recently:


Oh yeah, here is a couple links to info about the Sebadoh III reissue that is in the works. The first is ILM's take on it; the second is from the Loobiecore discussion board, which features plenty of cold hard facts from Lou on what to expect. Pretty cool.

That is all.

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