July 6, 2005

"We go to a restaurant, but you say it's love you want." - Men at Work.

Coolfer sees a parallel in the growth of the CD and the growth of the digital music market, meaning a slowdown in Itunes sales is more than likely, despite Apple's taking aim at the sale of its half-billionth download. Coolfer thinks a billion downloads for Apple is a given, but perhaps not two billion. Elsewhere, Coolfer Glen gives Yahoo Music Unlimited the gasface and observes the MSN Music appears dead in the water, at least for now.

So tonight we re-joined MySpace, certainly not to socially network, which we think is a sort of narcissistic black hole, but because we wanted to email Belaire and find out how to buy a copy of their EP. Go to their MySpace site and check out the song "Back Into The Wall," which was featured in the latest episode of the WhyMe podcast. Great indie rock with the same sort of synth fetish as Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!

Anyway, we had tried to go through life ignoring the MySpace thing after an initial checking out of it last summer, but so many bands are relying on the service that we guess we have to play ball. You can check out our MySpace page here.

Somewhere along the way we had forgotten that Eno was involved with creating that Windows 95 startup sound. EmptyFree reminded us and linked us to this piece about it.

Pitchfork does not like Slow Dazzle.

Tiny Mix Tapes points us to the soundtrack to the Flaming Lips documentary Fearless Freaks, which is available for free download here.

That is all.

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Seth said...

we can't thank you enought for mentioning us on your blog. keep the killer info coming.