September 16, 2008

Yr Keeping Some Dark Secrets But You Talk In Yr Sleep

Johnny Foreigner conquer Japan, here performing "Cranes And Cranes And Cranes And Cranes" at the Summersonic festival last month. As we reported last week, the Birmingham, England-based trio will be in New York Oct. 23 for the CMJ New Music Seminar Conference Or Whatever They Call It Now. Snagged this off their MySpace dojo, which is the best place to keep up with said band's goings-on.


Anonymous said...

Awesome performance as always.

It's coming up on two years now since I first saw them, second on the bill in a toilet venue playing to a half empty room. Never could have predicted they'd be playing to a huge room of excited Japanese fans by this point :)

Unknown said...

I know, isn't that crazy. Who are all those Japanese people? Their Japanese label (Fabtone? Supertone? Toneytone?) must be doing a kick-ass job with the promo.

Anonymous said...

Is this (a Johnny Foreigner post) a good enough excuse to ask you to re-post Kickickick? I can't find it anywhere.

Now, I'm thinking: Do bloggers get asked all too often to re-post stuff? I could see how that can happen.

If so, shout rude things at me and accept my apologies.


Unknown said...

Hey Gav,

Shoot me an email (linked in the sidebar) and I'll get you sorted.