September 8, 2008

Reader Rewards: Win Johnny Foreigner's Single, But Not That Single

Johnny Foreigner -- Salt, Peppa and Spinderella
[UPDATED] Regular readers will be as surprised as we are to learn that we haven't written about Johnny Foreigner for almost a month. For a while it seemed like we couldn't go two days without writing about the Birmingham, England-based noisepop trio, a fact that prompted one of our colleagues to remark that sometimes Clicky Clicky is like a Johnny Foreigner (and Frightened Rabbit) fan blog. We're OK with that. As we stated more than a year ago here, we once considered fairly strongly starting a new blog exclusively devoted to Johnny Foreigner. Sadly, any additional writing endeavors we commence need to be revenue-generating. All these records do not pay for themselves. Except for the free ones. But we digress.

Today in the U.K. Best Before Records releases the fourth and likely final UK single for Johnny Foreigner's superlative debut full-length Waited Up Til It Was Light. "Salt, Peppa and Spinderella," as we've noted many times before, is being issued as a Pacman-yellow 10" with three remixes. We eagerly await our vinyl copy, which apparently was only one of 400 being sold. We are fortunate enough to already have received a copy of the promo CD version of the new single scored off EBay. Don't get overly excited, this is not what we're giving away today. What we are offering up is a spare copy of the promo CD for the first single from the aforementioned longplayer, "Our Bipolar Friends" b/w "The Houseparty Scene Is Killing You," which our Ebay seller was vending together with his copy of "Salt, Peppa and Spinderella." Despite already having the former, we figured what the hell, the extra copy would be something nice to give away to help promote the band to the kids in the U.S. So here's the deal: the first U.S.-based reader -- besides previous winner Jane, sorry Jane -- to email us the names of the parties responsible for the three remixes found on the "Salt, Peppa and Spinderella" single will receive our extra CD of "Our Bipolar Friends." A link to our email address is in the sidebar. We'll update this item as soon as we have a winner.

Speaking of promoting Johnny Foreigner to the kids, we are mystified that we've yet to appreciate any sort of press push for the planned Sept. 23 North American release of Waited Up Til It Was Light. And the page, frankly, still needs to be copyedited. Perhaps the physical release date (which a press release originally gave as "October") has been pushed back until the band can actually make it across the Atlantic to support the release? The album has been available digitally to the domestic market since July, so a sales stopgap is in place, at least. The trio has tour commitments through Oct. 8 with Dananananaykroyd, and then we expect they will set about recording a Christmas single or filming variety show spots for holiday specials like they was the Beatles or something. You can stream all of Waited Up Til It Was Light at Last.FM right here, although the songs are curiously ordered alphabetically rather than the normal running order. We expect it won't be another month before we write about Johnny Foreigner again. In the event you don't yet know what all the fuss is about, here's the A-side of the band's debut single, released on Laundrette in late 2006. [Congratulations to reader John for winning the single]

Johnny Foreigner -- "Sometimes, In The Bullring" -- Sometimes In The Bullring b/w Camp Kelly Calm
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Anonymous said...

Johnny Foreigner are coming to NYC for CMJ.
Check their myspace for the details.

Unknown said...


I just looked at their MySpace two days ago and there was nothing. I guess I have to go to CMJ this year.