November 2, 2009

And Then This Happened: Future of the Left, The Beatings

Future of the Left with the Beatings at TT the Bear's, November 1, 2009;
-Photos by Michael Piantigini

Future of the Left f'n delivered. As you can see from the photos, they take no shortcuts, spare no piece of equipment, and are always willing to risk injury in their endeavor to entertain. What you can't see is their sense of humor - Too many bands that are this loud, this unrelenting, and this menacing take themselves way too seriously, and Future of the Left's refusal to do so is part of what makes them such great fun to see.

I am a believer in the Beatings too. It pains me to admit that this was my first time seeing them; it certainly won't be my last.

-Michael Piantigini

Future of the Left: Interwebs| MySpace | Falco's blog
The Beatings: Interwebs | MySpace

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