November 6, 2009

The Elevators Drops | One Night Only | Middle East Rock Club | Dec. 18

After allegedly reforming in 2006 only to stealth release a fourth record (if you include the odds 'n' sods collection Epidose 1) more than a year later and disappear back into the ether, storied Boston psych-pop trio The Elevator Drops are reforming for a single show Friday, Dec. 18 at Cambridge, Mass.'s Middle East Rock Club. One odd Tuesday or Wednesday night this band pulled an 18-wheeler on to the lawn of the prominent anti-frat at our undergraduate institution and played one of the most bizarre and amazing sets of music we've ever seen. Allow us to recycle a paragraph from our Nov. 2006 item:

During our senior year in college we were pulled to a show on campus for a band we knew nothing about. The show was in the middle of the week or on a very beat Friday night, and as far as we can recollect there were no opening acts and the show was minimally attended. Which was too goddamned bad because we saw one of the most exciting and bizarre shows of our then 22 or so years. Yes, it was The Elevator Drops, and if we are recalling this correctly the trio showed up to the residence hall hosting the show in a giant, gleaming white 18-wheeled truck. Or at least that is what they pulled away in after the show as we stood with our mouth agape at the wonders we had just witness. You see, when The Elevator Drops took the stage they did so in make-up and in-character as evil clown robots strung out on heroin. Their movements were rigid and pop music glorious and weird. We have always had a hard time explaining the spectacle of the band that night.

All of The Elevator Drops' records appear to be out of print. We're posting a track from Epidose 1 below, which is not really representative of the band's recorded output, but it is a beautiful ambient track that shows how much range the trio had, and just how amazing of a band this really is. Uhh, "was."

The Elevator Drops -- "If You Were Invisible" -- Epidose 1
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