January 25, 2004

"Everybody dressin' funny color me impressed."- the replacements

For being sick throughout the high times were plentiful on the old birthday. Much of the day was spent messing around with the IPod Lopez got me, which totally rocks. I guess I actually spent more time playing with ITunes, which H-Dawg and I both agree is pretty awesome for just randomly spinning through your music collection once you get a good amount of stuff ripped to your hard drive. I spose it is sort of instructive what one chooses first to rip to their ITunes library, so here are my first ten discs to go in:

1. Haywood - Model for a Monument
2. Haywood - Men Called Him Mister
3. Haywood - We Are Amateurs, You and I
4. Lilys - A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns
5. The Notwist - Neon Golden
6. Palace Music - Lost Blues and Other Songs
7. Radiohead - Kid A
8. The Replacements - Hootenanny
9. The Replacements - Let It Be
10. The Replacements - Stink

I guess the instructive part here is that really, for me, The Replacements, Haywood and the Lilys are where it's at. As of now I've got 421 songs representing 24 hours of music inside the ITunes machine. Though once you hit 24 hours in the application they call it "one day," just to rub in the fact that, yes Virginia, you are a music nerd. Sue me. Had about a baker's half-dozen guzzling wine in the kitchen last night and eating lopsided chocolate cake, which is pretty much as good as a birthday can get. Not a whole lot else to report just yet, except that the apartment continues to lose the heating battle to Old Man Winter. For now we are holding steady at about 62 degrees of the fahrenheit variety. I am hoping we can gain back some ground this afternoon while the sun is up.

That is all.

January 23, 2004

"With the radio on, you make the wheels turn." - boys life

Bloggifying in the early afternoon 'cause I can. Oh yeah, and I have a bitch of a cold, and after spending the prior two afternoons in my office off in space due to the cold medicine, I figured my time would be more valuably (is that a word?) spent at home. Since I have sick days, they are paying me either way, so what the hell. Plus, with Monday off for MLK day, taking today off turns this into a three-day work week. Not so bad.

So I turn 30 tomorrow. I don't really think much of that. I spose I would prefer not to be sick for the day. Oh well. It is sort of just another day, what with all the celebrating over the last month due to the holidays and Woody's wedding, the latter being a superlative experience. So anyway, the big plans for the weekend have sort of been scaled back to cake and maybe seeing a condo with a realtor on Sunday. Oh yeah, and brunch Sunday AM with my aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin's girlfriend, which I am looking forward to since they are cool people.

Anyway, in my travels of late on the InterJohnson I came across this and this. The former argues that the album is dying and the single will rise again, what with the digitalimification of the music product. No real surprises there -- this is something that smarter people than me have been saying for years (i.e. the rest of the Noize posse). But the piece has a really good tagline, so I read it. Plus I think the graphic is a shot of 30th Street Station in Philly.

The latter article again doesn't tread any territory that the good doctor wasn't treading back in his Fenway days. But the acknowledgement of the phenomenon by the Mainstream Media would suggest that TV is the real deal purveyor/force-feeder of stardom for so-called recording artists. Personally I think most of us here in the know gave up on acknowledging the idiot universe of mass culture and the tripe created to titillate it, so I could care less that the Jay Z needs to hug Regis Philbin and pat Kellie Ripa on the ass to sell his records. My entertainment comes right to me on my lightbox. Everybody else can go fly a kite.

As far as music to look out for, I have a few things to review for JunkMedia that I think are pretty solid. First and foremost is the oddly named act Volcano.. I'm Still Excited. Their latest joint on Polyvinyl is above average, but their song "2nd Gun" is astounding. Great synth pop with stunning harmonies that I would have to have someone explain to me. Great song. I also have the new Isan record spinning 'round these parts. It is solid downtempo electronic stuff that sounds a fair deal like Mum, though I think Isan has been around longer than Mum. Oh yeah, and Isan has no vocals, whereas Isan does. Anyway, it is very melodic and pleasant. The press release is pretty funny too, though maybe it wasn't sposed to be. Oh well.

Finally, props must be bestowed upon CRM, who set some academic dipshits straight on a matter relating to securities law in a letter in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week. I would repost the whole letter here, but I think it probably looks cooler on the WSJ site or in print.

That is all.

January 21, 2004

"Slow, slow, slow, so slow." - wendyfix

A few items withstanding (like 1. losing our power as we were packing for the trip 2. the dread of being at the resort when two people almost drowned 3. a ninety-minute delay on the return trip 4. not having any power upon our return), last week in Tortola for Woody and Ryan's wedding was amazingly enjoyable. Here are some highlights: stayed here, where the wedding was also held right on the beach at sunset; got drunk a couple times here, which has an amazing view off the back porch; i drank a lot of this and a little of this; ate brunch here and at a place mentioned here; rocked a lot of the calypso and dancehall on the AM waves here. And the list goes on and on, partying every night, chilling on the beach all day. Really fun. I imagine Grellan will eventually have some pictures up at Dynatrite.

The Good Doctor has updated Your Record Sucks and there are couple Winston Bongo write-ups for your reading pleasure. And there is some stuff over at JunkMedia worth your attention. Namely Brig-dog's Neal Pollack feature and a capsule review for the Chris Brokaw solo record I wrote recently. I also found the Broken Social Scene feature at SplendidEZine particularly enjoyable.

It seems like I had a whole lot to blogmogrify about here this evening, but it has all pretty much slipped my mind. Perhaps it will come back to me. That is all.

January 6, 2004

"Hollywood cops shoot each other in bed."- Replacements

So it did indeed change everything.Tho I spose the hairsplitters out there might pipe up and say it was actually the *wireless* broadband that arrived and changed everything. Yes, because of the technical acumen of the man they don't call Logie, I can now sit and blog from the pink chair in the general vicinity of my wife and the TV, all the while sampling playlists for the acoustic rock mix H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable and I discussed just prior to Christmas. I am doing the latter with Rhapsody, which, unfortunately, doesn't have all the indie cuts I will eventually include. But it has about 10 that were on my short list. Damn good songs those 10.

With Rhapsody and broadband I am trying to do such ridiculous things as listen to EVERY SINGLE Neil Young record in order of release. This is the kind of shit it lets you do. And don't even mention the GBV box set. That is a whole week's work right there.

We head off to Tortola for the Posse-Perkins nuptials next week. And none too soon as the cold stuff is coming. Right now my ankles are cold. That's not right. In fact, it's wrong. Anyway, it is kind of hard to get back in the swing of things at work what with only being back for this week before trotting off. So I guess I won't try. Besides, I need to think about which CDs I want to bring with me in the small econo case.

Junkmedia went back online this week. Go check it out. A couple of my capsule reviews are slated to run later this month. Ditto for Your Record Sucks, where I write under the Norm Day Ploom of Winston Bongo, protagonist of my number one favorite book, Daniel Pinkwater's "The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death."

Anyhoo, I think this is worthy of your attention. Clever and obvious at the same time, but well-written over all.

That is all.

January 3, 2004

"let's not talk today, words just get in the way."- versus

I have been outed as an ELO fan by Grellan. A pretty terrible picture of me here. And I wasn't even drunk. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. That is all.