December 17, 2005

"I will write a mystery for you to solve." - The Lilys.

Hi there everybody!! (Hi, Dr. Nick!!).

Just a quick post to point you to places I can more readily be found. I am thrilled that people keep being drawn here via Google searches and whatnot. Several people have gotten in touch to help me out with out of print or unreleased music that I've talked about here, for which I am pretty thankful. So this blog, while dormant, is still serving a purpose.

-=- People who arrive here and want to read something fresh can click over to Junkmedia's World of Sound blog, which I write and edit for the Junkmedia overlords. It launched in mid-August of 2005 and I am pretty pleased with how it is going, despite the long hours it takes. I hope that its posts about the contemporary music scene are at least as interesting as the often more archeological stuff that I wrote here.

-=- If you'd like to contact me personally, hit up my MySpace page.

Thanks again for reading.