January 22, 2006

"Everyone knows everything..." - Lilys

So just an update on the Junkmedia situation, in case you read the last post about it being down. We're back up and running, and I've been blogging since the 16th. The larger Junkmedia publication is likely going to be overhauled with the blog as its main focus which is cool. No telling when that will happen, but hopefully the laundry list of technical improvements (searchability, RSS feed, etc.) will be enacted during that process. Oh yeah, one more thing: Junkmedia's email is still offline as a result of the underlying technical issues (malicious infiltration of the back end of the site via the old JM message boards, which I guess were still lurking on in the background of the site). So if you have found your way here and want to speak to me regarding World of Sound business, please email me at worldofsound at gmail dot com.

January 8, 2006

"Don't stop, that's enough..." - Latimer

UPDATED 1/9 11PM [See below]: We've got no idea why Junkmedia is down this weekend, and can't get any answers out of our bosses. We'll update this space once we get some answers. We hope that we have just been inadvertently left out of the loop, and that nothing more serious is going down. We've written a few reviews that have yet to be published on the wider Junkmedia publication, and obviously we still have all the usual pots on burners for the World of Sound blog waiting for our access to the JM publishing tools to be re-established. One issue: our access to the jay (at) junkmedia (dot) org and tips (at) junkmedia (dot) org email account has also been compromised this weekend. If you need to get a hold of us and have found your way here, go over to our MySpace page and send us a message from there.

[UPDATE] Brief word from Junkmedia HQ that the issue has something to do with the hosting company, or at least that is how far the problem had been traced by the bossman, who is reportedly away on business this week. No telling when Junkmedia or World of Sound will be back online. More bulletins as events warrant.