August 3, 2005

"Hey, won't you get out of bed now?" - Mock Orange.

Five dozen visitors yesterday? Really? We weren't even fielding our A squad. Oh well. We're sure it won't happen again.

For eons we've had a email alias that was sposed to redirect Junkmedia mail to us. Well, we guess it never worked, because the Junkmedia Bossman re-set up the box recently and gave us web access to it and we get all sorts of mail there. Most of it spam, but some of it useful.

Feriggzampull, we're not much for Sigur Ros, just never really allocated the time, but we got mail from their label saying what's up. We guess IndieWorkshop is on the same email list, since they posted the info. You can just go read up on the Sigsters over there. But in case anybody out there has been using "jay at junkmedia dot org" to try to send us mail in the last couple years, sorry we didn't get back to you. But we promise we'll be good from here on out.

We loved the movie Dig!, but we never really got The Brian Jonestown Massacre -- pretty boring stuff, innit? Anyway, Philebrity thinks they blow too. So hooray for everybody.

Shake Your Fist gives much-deserved props to the A-Sides here. The recently revived Indie Kids has a new Mobius Band cut here [the title track to The Loving Sounds of Static, which streets next week, is still the best of the new cuts we've heard].

Lopez is watching Veronica Mars, which just used Notwist's "Pick Up The Phone" in the opening sequence. Life is getting pretty wierd like that.

That is all.

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