August 9, 2005

"Please dontcha speak to me, you see I'm just the temp." - Meneguar. hypes the new Mobius Band record, which streeted today. The Spin piece notes the very solid new tune "Twilight" from said record, which relates the woes of working the shitty jobs musicians are forced to take in order to make a living. We enjoy the song plenty, but a few minutes ago we got the word from our man El Stengelero, and he had the data on some new stuff from an act called Meneguar. One of the Meneguar tunes, "The Temp" [available at the band's web site but not at their MySpace hizzy] is the clear leader in contemporary shit-job related songs.

Meneguar who? Exactly. We've missed the boat on this too up until now. Apparently Meneguar is a reformulation of Sheryl's Magnetic Aura, who put out a great self-titled EP a few years back that we reviewed for Splendid here. The EP has one incredible, five-star jam called "Making New Friends." You should make it a priority to track this song down, it's hopping. According to the Meneguar web site Sheryl's stagnated, so the principals rebranded in early 2004 and went back to the drawing board with what sounds like an equally rocking, if somewhat more agressive post-emo agenda. Yes, a Haywood reference is warranted here, and you'll note we snuck one into our Sheryl's review.

Meneguar starts a mini-tour tomorrow, and if we had any sort of ambition we would drive out to Florence, MA to see them. But we can't even work up the ambition to see Voxtrot in Somerville tomorrow, so that seems unlikely. Anyway, kudos Stengelero, you got a nose for the American Good Rock.



Pfork has an awesome interview with the Silver Jews, a/k/a Dave Berman, who actually discusses his own earnings. You know how we like the numbers. Berman made $45K in 2001, the last year he made a record. That is pretty darn good for an indie musician. Going back to topics discussed above related to shit jobs -- that is pretty good money. Maybe music does pay? There are plenty of threads over at ILM that talk about how prominent rockers still sling ink at Kinko's and the like. We're glad Berman has a good year every now and again. And that he has gotten clean.

Wow, this is an interesting one: stalwart indie rock labels Spin-Art and Lookout! are some of the newest members of the RIAA, according to the very attentive CatbirdSeat.

The Waves That Are Chrome point us to a great collection of RIDE videos. Where? Why, of course. Awesome.

That is all.

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