August 1, 2005

"I've been away since Friday and you don't know the way." - Dinosaur Jr.

M.F-R has a cut from the forthcoming Mobius Band record and says some nice things about it here. The song featured, "I Just Turned 18," is one of the numbers that bassist Peter Sax sings, and he seems to have found a really nice key for his voice to work in here. An older number of his, "Compass," had a vocal that was at the top of his range and he often had to work to really hit it throughout. "18" reveals a whole new, stronger vocal side for him.

The song itself [hard link to M.F-R file] is heavy on the electronics, and fits well within the rest of the Ghostly International label aesthetic. We still prefer the big guitar stuff Mobius Band kicks, or at least the more guitar-oriented stuff, but "I Just Turned 18" shows a new side of the band, and it is nice to hear a surprise from a band we've followed closely for three years.

Looky here, Parasol has its own one sheet for the Get Quick record, which reveals some new details about what to expect. How The Story Goes was recorded at Sear Sound with vintage gear, some of which was previously in Abby Road studios. Anyway, there's more references at the link to acts including ELO and the Beatles and other stuff. Oh yeah, the listing for How The Story Goes now has been amended to note that they only have "limited inventory" of the record and that "sell out risk" is "very high." What, did they only print ten copies of this record?

So now, according to Chromewaves, the forthcoming Strokes record is slated to drop on our birthday. So you are all going to have to coordinate on who gets it for us, cause, you know, one is probably enough.

That is all.

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