August 7, 2005

"Hit me like you did the first time, come on now." - The Flaming Lips.

Eagle-eyed indie rock provocateur The Bster, who is newly deracinated and re-installed in North Carolina, reports in that both Haywood and Haywood's primary songwriter Ted Pauly (f/k/a here as Reader #6) have both taken up residence on MySpace. Obviously we are pretty excited. Not that there is too much there that we haven't heard.

But there is a new (to us anyway) Pauly tune "Still Wanna Know" that is typically solid. And just the fact that folks not already in the loop can hear here Ted's shatteringly poignant summation of post-adolescence/young adulthood (and Haywood's final show), "Dear Philadelphia," is really great, and its a different recording than the one we'd ascertained previously. The song is a gem. Perhaps most exciting of all is it seems like the recently recorded posthumous Haywood stuff may finally have a venue, albeit informal, at the Haywood page. One new song is already there, though if you dropped coin on the Music.For-Robots comp you've already heard it. Anyway, both pages have great songs, many of them all-time Clicky Clicky favorites: "Ogden" (!), "Crosswords" and "Your Bag." Those who haven't heeded our exhortations to search out the 'Wood previously have no excuse now. Don't disappoint.

In other news of the Philadelphia of a time gone past, former mouthpiece and all around quality guy Matty Graves sends word that Rhapsody has finally obtained the Lilys catalogue. He does a great job of hyping the band's debut long-player here. Seriously, if you don't have this record you are sort of a loser. Sorry. Those are the rules.

We noticed that Amazon beleives The Get Quick record drops 8/23, not 8/9 as promised. It is worth pointing out that Amazon's price is $15.99, while we paid a mere $7.97. Of course, the record hasn't shown up yet, and we have a wierd feeling this record may not even be coming out, since there is no hype, besides our own, to speak of. The Rainbow Quartz web site has no updates since last spring and The Get Quick web site is still just barely there. Quizzical.

We got another email about the Sigur Ros record, this one from Geffen. Dear Geffen: have one of your code jockeys compare your mailing list to the band's UK label, or vice versa, and shake out the overlap -- your duplicate efforts are taking up valuable space in our Junkmedia email box that could be better used for Cialis solicitations from suspicious foreigners.

UPDATE: Dear Internet -- in addition to the Rocketship single "Hey Hey Girl," which nobody has helped us out with yet, we are also very interested in getting Blonde Redhead's "Jetstar," particularly the version found on Zero Hour's Threadwaxing Space comp. Please.

That is all.

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