August 8, 2005

"You're not the one who let me down, but thanks for offering." - Archers of Loaf.

If you've been wondering, like we have, what the hell became of Brainwashed's relaunch of The Brain, here is the explanation. It has to do with ones and zeroes and lawyers and money and stuff. Also, according the the site, this Friday's Colleen show is not at Great Scott, but at PA's Lounge. With Keith Fullerton Whitman toplining, to boot. Hot diggity.

Fluxblog, who hasn't really had much that has interested us for what seems like months, takes some time out to criticize Death Cab. Always nice when someone clearly states a contrarian viewpoint. We aren't nearly the Death Cab fans we were when We Have The Facts came out, and we are very unmoved by the tracks we've heard from the new album, but we're still down with The Cab. Stereogum reports the record has finally leaked to P2P and readers offer their thoughts here.

According to this news item at IndieWorkshop, the Cure are recording this fall and aim for a release next April. Hard to get excited about a release from a band who hasn't really done anything we've liked for 13 years. But hope springs eternal. We were particularly excited when the band downsized to a trio over the spring, but that didn't last, unfortunately.

Apple's ITunes store for the Japanese market sold a million tunes in four days, according to this AP dispatch. Japan is considered the third largest music market, or at least it used to be, but we guess there really is something to be said for the culture's affinity for technology -- it took a week for ITunes to sell a million tunes in the U.S. Apple must be especially pleased because they are selling songs for between $1.35 and $1.80 (converted from Yen). Fatter margins, fatter pockets, Jobs-dizzle.

We're a couple weeks behind on this one, but Billboard reported in late July that a lender who had loaned TVT Records some money in exchange for certain rights to catalog titles was auctioning off said rights. Things on the proverbial auction block include unspecified rights to Nine Inch Nails' amazing debut, Pretty Hate Machine. Wierd, huh?

That is all.

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