March 21, 2011

Clicky Clicky Music Blog Is Five Years Old

Clicky Clicky Music Blog Is Five Years Old
Aloha. We've been remiss in recognizing that five years ago we bought the URL and transformed a personal blog that had been kicking around for five or six years (originally hosted by, remember when people did that?) while we wrote elsewhere into something intended for public consumption. Or at least consumption by the public that cares about good indie rock. Or the subset of that public that cares about what we think about good indie rock. It's a niche of a niche; maybe more of a fissure. But anyway, the proper anniversary date was February 26, but the opportunity to recognize the milestone has eluded us until now. So yeah. Here we are. We're on the list for ... uh, what's the opening band again? Wanna beer?

We're grateful for all the bands, all the music, all the promoters, all the clubs, all the labels, all the everybody who've helped us make Clicky Clicky something that we'd read if we were on the other side of the computer monitor. Without the music and the bands that make it, well, we guess we'd have to watch TV or play videogames like all the other losers. An extra special thanks goes out to my henchman Michael Piantigini, as well as Jay Kumar, Ric Dube and all the sometimes writers and reviewers who have contributed over the years (Brad Searles' guest post from 2006 may still be the most-read post ever -- thanks B!). As we tend to do whenever we mark a milestone on the blog, let's have a listen one more time to two of our absolute favorite tunes. Both were released by the mighty Slumberland Records in the early '90s: Lilys' "Claire Hates Me" and Whorl's "Maybe It's Better." These two songs sit comfortably among the greatest indie rock songs ever written, and no matter how many times we post them, it will never be enough. Here's to another five years.

Lilys -- "Claire Hates Me" -- In The Presence Of Nothing
Whorl -- "Maybe It's Better" -- "Maybe It's Better" b/w "Christmas" 7"
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[both records out of print; buy in-print Slumberland releases here]

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