March 23, 2011

YouTube Rodeo: Ringo Deathstarr's "Kaleidoscope"

Our pre-order of the mighty Deathstarr's full-length debut cannot arrive soon enough (where the hell is it, anyway?). "Kaleidoscope" is our new favorite song. As far as we know the Austin, Texas-based trio's Colour Trip can only be pre-ordered domestically through Insound, and we highly recommend you get on that pronto. Although perhaps it is already out here? It was released in the UK 14 Feb. Bliss out. And in the meantime Insound is hosting an MP3 of the first single from Colour Trip, "So High," so snatch that. It's great, although we don't think it is "Kaleidoscope"-great.

Ringo Deathstarr -- "So High" -- Colour Trip
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[pre-order Colour Trip from Insound right here]

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