March 15, 2011

Rock Over Boston Austin: SXSW Night 1

Night one is in the books, or really night minus 1 or something. SXSW 2011 in Austin, TX is still in its film and interactive phases, but there's plenty for the early-arriving music attendees to do. Besides, I find it best to ease in to what is a four day sprint that begins on Wednesday. I'll do my best to update as it all happens - as long as the 3G and my batteries hold up. They'll probably be quick and dirty, so EXCUUUUSE ME!

So, night 1: just made it to one tonight, after a long travel day: the Wearcast party at Venue 222.

We came in late and just caught openers The Lemurs covering "Melt With You," which didn't allow for a good read on them; Bad Veins relied on a reel to reel tape player for some of their backing, but some energetic drumming made it clear that they were a Live Band; a solo Ted Leo anchored the night, playing a good selection of catalog favorites like "Bottle of Buckie," "Me and Mia," and " One Polaroid A Day." There was also a great new song that he said was from the point of view of a slob addressing a snob. He closed it out with an unexpected cover of The Waterboys' "Fisherman's Blues," and managed wellthe tough job that a solo act faces when playing for chatty, party-ready SXSW crowds. and New York's The Dig kept us from leaving early with some great songs with driving rhythms that powered through a dead bass amp. The atmospheric keyboard elements had me thinking of them as a more energetic Doves. One to keep an eye on.

See you tomorrow.

- Michael Piantigini

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