March 6, 2011

Footage: Young Adults' "Let Us Out"

Potty-mouthed ambient punk wunderkinds Young Adults' first official (to our knowledge) video, frankly, is too beautiful to really be their video. But seemingly like everything else the band has churned out in its very brief life span, somehow the result matches the trio's ambitions and (likely) exceeds every one else's expectations. Young Adults would like to be seen by you in the passive voice when the act headlines an SXSW show March 18 at the Easy Tiger Patio. The set time is 1AM, so the nit-pickers among you may be correct in assuming that really means March 19. Whatever. Go to the show in Austin and get your head blown off by these guys. Once you've recovered, assuming you recover, you can catch the trio back in the Commonwealth March 27 when it opens for the mighty Titus Andronicus at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Prague-based Amdiscs issued Young Adults' full-length debut Black Hole in late 2010, and you can stream or buy MP3s here; if you are lucky you might be able to buy the thing on vinyl right here.


DanP said...

Great sound! Great clip! Thanks!

DanP said...

Went and bought the FLAC download of the album already.