March 24, 2011

YouTube Rodeo: Lilys' Amazing "YCJCYAQFTD," "A Nanny In Manhattan," "Baby's A Dealer"

Righteous dude and Lubec fronter Eddie Charlton sent us a link to this amazing video of Lilys performing at The Monarch in Camden, London in 1996. See, as a Lilys fan these little finds are like little Arks of the Covenant. The band never seemed to play live all that much, or at least never when I was around, even despite the myriad line-up changes. So finding performance footage that we've never seen before is always a constant source of wonder. The clip features three tunes, as the title to this post conveys. The sound isn't all that great, but the performance is frankly one of the ballsiest and solid we've ever seen from the band. "YCJCYAQFTD" is an astonishingly wonderful track from Lilys' equally wonderful, earthshaking A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns EP, now long out of print. "A Nanny In Manhattan" was probably the nearest thing the band ever had to a hit, although "Ginger" was infamously used in a Calvin Klein commercial back in the day and more recently was in a Cadillac ad. The third cut is a raunchy version of "Baby's A Dealer," and although the sound is overpoweringly indistinct, the feel man, the feel. That latter track was released as the flip to the "Welfare Murder Plot" single and is well worth tracking down. Press play and revel in it.

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shakobe said...

Thanks a lot for posting this. Little Arks of the Covenant for sure. they are the only band i set up an automated google search for so that I don't miss stuff like this.