April 5, 2011

Club Pick: The Go! Team with Dom | Paradise Rock Club | 15 April

The Go! Team with Dom at Paradise Rock Club, April 15, 2011
[We are pleased to welcome to these digital pages hit-writer and noted raconteur N-Lo. Those of you who know Clicky Clicky Managing Editor Michael Piantigini will probably be wondering why it took us this long to ensnare Mr. 'Lo. Well, he is wily. N-Lo's career has touched upon most of the forms of "old media," but we won't drop names. Instead we'll say, "welcome aboard" and "keep those vintage hip-hop references coming." -- Ed.]

Hey, speaking of things that are a few months old and British -- I offer the latest album by indie genre-busters The Go! Team. Rolling Blackouts, the band's first full release since 2007's Proof of Youth, sees the sextet execute a slow move down their multi-influence integer line toward '60s pop and vast, film score-esque instrumentals. Friends show up to help out, too. Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, for example, lends vocals on what I firmly declare to be the best song of 2011 thus far, the super-delicious, impossible not-to-dance-to "Buy Nothing Day." And the Team's latest single "Apollo Throwdown" provides ample proof that the double dutch-cum-Prince Paul goodness you're used to from Brighton, England's finest has not yet been fully abandoned.

The Go! Team brings what is sure to be a young, fashionable dance party to Boston's Paradise Rock Club April 15th with support from Worcester's similarly young, fashionable Dom [tickets]. If you're unfamiliar with Dom, it's the band ditching the "new Passion Pit" label as they seem quite comfortable remixing and re-imagining the songs that launched their months-long vacation in the stratosphere last year. If you're unfamiliar with Worcester, I will show you around some time. Take you to a diner. Visit the airport. It'll be nice. -- N-Lo

The Go! Team - Buy Nothing Day by thegoteam

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Unknown said...

Very excited for this show. Was at their last Paradise show and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to seeing Dom live, as well, after hearing some of their stuff a while back.

I can't wait to be part of the young, fashionable dance party next Friday! I should buy a new pair of shoes!