April 5, 2011

Out Today: Maritime's Human Hearts

We almost feel bad for Davey Von Bohlen. The fact that he was a part of the legendary Cap'n Jazz, and that he fronted highly revered, third wave emo stand-outs The Promise Ring, means that it's usually a couple dozen words into any blog post about what he's been up to for the last five years before you even see the name Maritime. There, we just did it again. But today marks the release of Maritime's fourth full-length, a set characteristically stacked with Von Bohlen's melodic and yearning genius. Have you seen the video for "Paraphernalia" yet? As we quipped on Twitter last month, the video makes us realize we wasted the winter doing crap that was not as fun as this. But anyway, you should just surrender now. What Mr. Von Bohlen does is too potent to be characterized as simple, but simple is what it is: perfect melodies, big guitars. It's a formula that worked wonders with 2006's We, The Vehicles and 2007's Heresy & The Hotel Choir. And it works here. We only see a few live dates on the books for the band currently, but we expect it shan't be long before Maritime is out promoting this one, so use the time in the interim to learn all the words. You'll want to sing along. Human Hearts was released by Dangerbird Records.

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