April 30, 2011

Footage: Elias Krantz' "Tody Motmot"

Mesmerizing video for the first single from Swedish electropop artist Elias Krantz's forthcoming sophomore set Night Ice. Based on this track, an argument could be made that Mr. Krantz is Sweden's answer to Martin Dosh. But it is hard to get past how cool this video is: when the shirts start changing on Krantz's torso, it's really nifty to say the least. Although we shouldn't minimize that this song is really good. Night Ice will be released May 23 by Enskede, Sweden-based Country & Eastern Records; Elias Krantz's first set Island Rock was issued by Airwaves Music in 2007. Watch for pre-order information for Night Ice from Country & Eastern right here.

Tody Motmot by Elias Krantz

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